(Wedding Cake X Gelato 45)

Yield: 200-280 gpsm

Flower Time 63-67 days

Indulge in the sweet symphony of flavors with Tiramisu – a strain that's like a dessert dream come true. This delightful creation, born from the marriage of Wedding Cake and Gelato 45, is like a journey into the world of classic desserts. Imagine starting your growing journey with a cup of espresso, setting the stage for the Tiramisu experience that's waiting to unfold. Get ready to cultivate a plant that's solid in yield, impressive in structure, and a treat for your taste buds! Just like the layers of a delicious Tiramisu, this strain offers a layered experience that's a treat for the senses. Growing Tiramisu is like embarking on a culinary adventure – the influence of both Wedding Cake and Gelato 45 creates a plant that's not only solid-yielding but also boasts an impressive structure. It's like the plant is saying, "Let's create a masterpiece of growth that's as delightful to the eye as it is to the palate." Topping her at times is like adding the finishing touches to a dessert masterpiece. By guiding her to grow sideways, you're creating a strong and robust plant that's ready to shower you with its botanical treasures. And speaking of treasures, Tiramisu's yields are a testament to her heritage – they're nice and bountiful, like a reward for your gardening efforts. But let's not forget the true highlight – the flavor! Tiramisu is like a symphony of soft vanilla and chocolate notes, wrapped in a creamy hash embrace. It's like your taste buds are experiencing a dessert sensation that's both sweet and buttery. The experience is long-lasting, leaving your palate in a state of pure satisfaction. And when it comes to extracts, prepare for fragrant delights with a terpene profile that's truly unique. It's like a fragrant journey through a world of dessert-inspired aromas. So, my fellow dessert enthusiast, get ready to welcome Tiramisu into your garden. Cultivate her with care, watch her flourish, and savor the journey that's all about indulgence, flavor, and a unique terpene experience. Your garden is about to become a haven of dessert-inspired delights that'll leave you in awe of nature's creativity! #TiramisuMagic #DessertDreams #BotanicalIndulgence All Feminized Seed packs contain 6 seeds
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