Girls Scout Cookies

This is the famed Thin Mint phenotype. We took the OGKB as well as the Forum and have mixed them up and created our Girl Scout Cookies. Same flavor, same smells, same everything as your typical Girl Scout Forum OGKB cut. This is what we’ve been known for- putting what YOU want into seed but making it better, stronger, thick stems and higher yields.
Brace yourselves for an out-of-this-world experience with GSC – the cosmic collision of Bubba and GSC genetics that's about to take your senses on a journey through the stars! Picture this: a stellar dance between Bubba IBL Male and GSC that resulted in reg seeds, bringing together the best of both worlds. And for all you fem seed fans, the magic continues with Pre-98 Bubba RVSD Male meeting GSC to create a blend that's like a symphony of cannabis perfection. With a yield that's as reliable as your favorite spaceship and a flowering time that's like a countdown to a spectacular launch (63-70 days), GSC is your ticket to an adventure of galactic proportions! Get ready to be embraced by relaxation, carried away by sleepiness, and taken on a munchies mission that's out of this world. It's like a cosmic lullaby that eases pain, stress, and insomnia, leaving you feeling like you're floating on a cloud. And let's talk flavor – GSC brings its A-game with a dessert-like aroma that's the stuff of legends. Imagine bold notes of mint, sweet cherry, and zesty lemon, creating a flavor profile that's like a starlit banquet for your taste buds. So, are you ready to blast off with GSC? Get ready for a cannabis journey that's as enchanting as a shooting star, with effects that soothe, flavors that dazzle, and an experience that's truly out of this world! #eSCGalaxyAdventure #CannabisCosmos
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