Original Sour Diesel


Strain: Hybrid Indica/Sativa (Mostly Sativa)

Lineage: Sour Diesel clone x Sour OG Male

Seeds: Fem & Reg

Fem seeds- Original Sour Diesel to Original Sour Diesel BX3 RVSD Male

Reg seeds- Original Sour Diesel x Original Sour Diesel BX3 Male

Yield: Large Flowering

Time: 70-75 Days

Step into the realm of legendary cannabis with The Original Sour Diesel AKA AJ's Clone – a strain that's like a time capsule, capturing the essence of the famous Sour Diesel clone and presenting it in seed form. This strain is a testament to dedication and mastery, a journey that's taken the iconic Sour Diesel and transformed it into an experience that's all about abundance, kerosene fragrance, and therapeutic benefits. Get ready to embrace a journey that's energetic, talkative, and oh-so-creative! Imagine the iconic Sour Diesel clone, known far and wide, crossing paths with a Sour OG male. It's like a botanical meeting that set the stage for The Original Sour Diesel's transformation into seed form. Through careful breeding, the strain has been brought down to its essence – its seed form, known as The Original Sour Diesel AKA AJ's Clone. It's like a salute to the original, a way of preserving its legacy for generations to come. And let's not forget the structure – with the influence of Sour Diesel, expect The Original Sour Diesel AKA AJ's Clone to be a very large producer. It's like the plant is determined to shower you with its bountiful harvest, a testament to its iconic genetics. And the fragrance? A blend of kerosene and sour notes that's like a journey through aromatic delights. It's a fragrance that's as captivating as it is invigorating. Now, let's talk effects – brace yourself for feelings of energy, talkativeness, and creativity. The Original Sour Diesel AKA AJ's Clone is like a spark of inspiration, igniting your mind and inviting you to explore new horizons. And when it comes to therapeutic benefits, it's like a soothing companion for anxiety, stress, and depression. It's like a breath of fresh air, offering relief when you need it the most. So, my fellow enthusiast of iconic strains, get ready to welcome The Original Sour Diesel AKA AJ's Clone into your garden. Nurture it with care, watch it flourish, and savor the journey that's all about preserving the legacy of Sour Diesel and embracing the magic of its seed form. Your garden is about to become a haven of abundance, creativity, and iconic delight! All Feminized Seed packs contain 6 seeds All Regular Seed packs contain 10 seeds.
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