Jewel Piece

Jewel Piece
Jewel Piece (Strawberry OG #9 x Strawberry OG rvrsd) Flower Time will be 67-72 days
Jewel Piece Meet our amazing botanical superstar, the Jewel Piece! She's not only stunningly beautiful but also incredibly easy to grow and propagate through cloning! Her aroma is like a perfect symphony where gas, citrus, and berry notes dance harmoniously, all wrapped in a delightful sweet hash undertone! Get ready for an exciting countdown to bloom as the Jewel Piece struts her stuff for 67-72 days before revealing her full floral glory! Embrace the journey, and let this goddess captivate your senses with her enchanting fragrance and captivating growth. Who's ready to join the Jewel Piece fan club and experience this extraordinary journey of cultivating beauty and aroma together? #JewelPiece #CannabisCommunity #GrowYourOwn #FlowerPower All Feminized Seed packs contain 6 seeds
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