Deadhead OG


Deadhead OG

Strain: Hybrid Indica/Sativa (Heavy Indica)

Lineage: Chem 91 Skunk Va x SFV OG IBL

Seeds: Fem & Reg

Fem- Chem 91 Skunk VA x Tahoe OG S1 Reversed

Reg seeds- Chem 91 Skunk VA x SFV OG IBL

Yield: Large

Flowering Time: 65-73 Days

Buckle up, because we're diving into the realm of legends with Deadhead OG – a strain that's like the result of a brilliant union between Chem 91 Skunk Va and our SFV OG IBL male. It's a journey that's all about speed, yield, and a touch of euphoria that'll leave you floating on cloud nine! Imagine the Chem 91 Skunk Va and SFV OG IBL male coming together in a dance of genetics that's nothing short of magical. It's like a symphony of genes playing in harmony, resulting in a strain that's not just fast, but also a heavy producer that's here to amaze. The yields? Oh, they're really good – it's like Deadhead is on a mission to prove that it's the champion of abundance! And let's talk about speed – Deadhead is like the race car of the cannabis world. With an extremely fast flowering time, it's like the plant is saying, "Get ready for a garden experience that's quick, rewarding, and oh-so-thrilling!" It's like the plant wants to impress you with its efficiency and bloom into its glory before you know it. But that's not all – Deadhead is more than just a prolific cropper. It's a legend in its own right, an award-winning strain that has earned its reputation for a reason. It's like a gem in the cannabis crown, with qualities that are nothing short of remarkable. It's a true testament to the dedication and skill behind its creation. Now, let's dive into the details of its creation. Imagine the Chem 91 Skunk Va clone and our SFV OG IBL male coming together to create a plant that's as solid as they come. And for the female seeds, the Chem 91 Skunk Va clone danced with our Tahoe OG Kush S1, resulting in a strain that's nothing short of exquisite. The flowering time? Expect it to be around 60-65 days of pure anticipation and excitement. It's like the plant knows how to make every day count! But let's not forget the effects – Deadhead is here to elevate your mood and ease your troubles. It's like a friend that's always ready to lend a helping hand, offering relief from stress, depression, and pain. And the feelings of euphoria? They're like a joyful dance that'll have you smiling from ear to ear, ready to take on the world. It's like a dose of happiness delivered straight from the plant kingdom! So, get ready to embrace the legend that is Deadhead. Nurture it with care, watch it flourish in your garden, and savor the speedy journey that's all about bountiful yields, therapeutic benefits, and a touch of euphoric delight. Your garden is about to become a haven of happiness and abundance! #DeadheadMagic #YieldChampion #EuphoriaJourney
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