Chem Valley Kush


Chem Valley Kush

Strain: Hybrid Indica/Sativa

Lineage: Chem D x SFV OG IBL

Seeds: Fem & Reg

Female seeds- Chem D x SFV OG IBL RVSD

Male Reg seeds- Chem D x SFV OG IBL Male

Yield: Large

Flowering Time: 65-75 Da

The famous Chem D from the Chem Dawg family. Was clone only given to us and we took it and crossed that to our SFV OG IBL male to make regular seeds. Our female seeds are the same thing, just an IBL female reversed. These seeds allow us to give you a larger yielding, stronger, more potent, thicker stemmed, studier, OG plant that has very strong Chem influence.
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