Passion Berry


Yield: 250-280 gpsm

Flower Time 63-67 days

(Gorilla Glue #4 X Gelato 45) When growing Passion Berry you will find yourself thinking how sweet and delicate the flavor is. She is a fantastic yielding plant with a great center kola. She has solid lateral branching making for a great producer. She is an easy-to-clone plant. You will really want to top and train her at times thus creating a robust full plant whose yields will be very nice and solid, but can easily be exploited to yield even more due to her heritage and structure with proper training. Her smell and taste are a perfect blend of mango/citrus/guava with a touch of chocolate hash rounded off with a nice and complex passion berry flavor. Leaving your palate fruity and sweet with a pungent taste that is long-lasting from her delicious flavor. Expect the extracts to be some of the most delicious ones you have tried due to their high terpene profile.
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