Larry OG Kush


Larry OG Kush Strain: Hybrid Indica/Sativa

Lineage: Larry OG x SFV OG Kush IBL

Male Seeds: Fem & Reg

Fem seeds- Larry OG x Tahoe OG S1

Reg seeds- Larry OG x SFV OG Kush IBL Male

Yield: Large

Flowering Time: 65-70 Days

Awards: 2012- 1st Place, High Times Medical Cup, San Franscico

2013- 2nd Place “Best Hybrid”, High Times Medical Cup, Denver

2014- 1st Place “Best Hybrid”, High Times Medical Cup, Denver

Get ready to meet the OG royalty – it's Larry OG, a strain that's like the embodiment of California's cannabis legacy! This superstar clone hails from Orange County and has a tale that's as legendary as its effects. It's like the convergence of Larry OG and SFV OG Kush IBL, resulting in an experience that's lemony, potent, and pure relaxation. Get ready for a journey that's high-yielding, fragrant, and oh-so-delightful! Imagine Larry OG, the famed clone that traveled from Tahoe in NorCal to Orange County (OC), gaining fame and recognition along the way. Now, envision it cross-pollinating with the renowned SFV OG Kush IBL male. It's like a union of OG greatness, resulting in a strain that's nothing short of extraordinary. The yields? Oh, they're huge – as if Larry OG is here to prove that it's the OG king of abundance! But the magic doesn't stop with yields – let's talk about fragrance and flavor. Imagine pure lemon pinesol and kerosene notes, a fragrance that's both invigorating and captivating. It's like the scent of California's citrus groves combined with the essence of relaxation, creating an olfactory journey that's truly remarkable. And when you taste it, expect greatness – a flavor that's as delightful as it is memorable. And speaking of greatness, let's talk about effects. Larry OG is like a soothing balm for stress, pain, and depression. It's like a friend that's ready to offer relief and relaxation when you need it the most. And the feelings of happiness, hunger, and sleepiness? They're like a trio of sensations that'll leave you in a state of pure contentment. It's like the perfect recipe for relaxation and unwinding, all wrapped up in a potent yet gentle body buzz that'll have you feeling at ease. But that's not all – Larry OG is a champion, a multiple Hybrid Cannabis Cup award winner. It's like the cream of the crop, earning accolades for its excellence in the world of cannabis. And the flowering time? Expect it to be around 65-70 days, a timeframe that's like a countdown to the moment of pure OG magic. So, get ready to welcome Larry OG into your garden with open arms. Nurture it with care, watch it flourish, and savor the journey that's high in yield, flavor, and therapeutic benefits. Your garden is about to become a haven of relaxation, happiness, and California OG greatness!
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