LA Affie


LA Affie

Strain: Indica

Lineage: LA Affie clone

Seeds: Fem Only

Fem- LA Affie x LA Affie

Yield: Medium

Flowering Time: 55-60 Days

Prepare to meet the psychedelic sensation, LA Affie – a strain that's like a kaleidoscope of happiness and euphoria for your senses! La Affie is here to shake things up with its all-fem superstar lineup! It's like a cannabis party where La Affie meets Itself for a dance of genetics that's pure magic. Hold onto your hats, because La Affie isn't just a strain – it's a burst of energy that yields medium-sized wonders in just 55-60 days! Say goodbye to pain, stress, and insomnia, because La Affie is your new best friend, ready to whisk you away on an uplifting, energetic, and psychedelic journey. And the fun doesn't stop there – imagine a plant that's so vibrant, it turns purple like a rockstar's stage lights. But it's not just looks – the scent and flavor are like a true Afghani adventure, with hashy notes and a hint of fruity surprise. So, are you ready to dance with La Affie? Get ready to embrace the happy vibes, ride the waves of euphoria, and journey into a world of psychedelic delight. Let's paint the town green with La Affie magic! #LaaffieParty #CannabisKaleidoscope
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