Gushin '98

Gushin '98

Strain: Hybrid

Lineage: Gushers x Pre98 Bubba Reversed

Seeds: Fem

Yield: Medium

Flowering Time: 65-77 Days

Gushin 98 Pre 98 Bubba Reversed X Gushers Oh, hold onto your gardening hats because Gushin '98 is here to rock your world in 2022! It's like the ultimate plant collaboration, where the legendary Gushers clone and the timeless Pre98 Bubba reversed male decided to join forces and create a strain that's nothing short of spectacular. Get ready for a gardening adventure that's sturdy, yielding, and oh-so-delicious! Imagine the magic of Gushers infused with the tried-and-true strength of Pre98 Bubba's lineage. It's like these plants are saying, "Hold onto your stems, because we're about to bring you a strain that's the best of both worlds!" The stems, thickened up to perfection, are like the pillars of strength that support an even larger yield than the proud parents themselves. And speaking of yields, get ready for a show-stopping performance! Gushin '98 is all about being generous in the garden, like a gift that keeps on giving. It's like the plant is saying, "Prepare for medium to large yields that'll leave you in awe!" Each harvest is like a celebration of abundance, a testament to the power of careful breeding and the magic of the plant world. And here's the cherry on top – Gushin '98 is all about efficiency. With a finishing time of around 68 days, it's like the plant knows you're eager to dive into the rewards of your labor. It's like it's saying, "Let's make this journey swift yet satisfying, so you can enjoy the fruits of your gardening adventure sooner!" So, gather your gardening tools and get ready for a journey that's all about robustness, yield, and a touch of magic. Gushin '98 is here to make its mark on 2022, leaving you with a garden that's not just beautiful, but also abundant and rewarding. Get ready to nurture these plants with care and excitement and let the magic of Gushin '98 unfold before your eyes! #GushinMagic #AbundantHarvest #GardeningAdventure
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