Green Crack

Green Crack Strain: Hybrid Indica/Sativa Lineage: Cecil B. x Deadhead Seeds: Fem Only Yield: Large Flowering Time: 55-60 Days
This is the famed Cecil B. cut, this is the cut that Snoop Dogg made famous back in the day. Everybody knows Green Crack AKA Kush. This is what we’ve done, we’ve taken the Green Crack and originally out-crossed her to a Deadhead back cross then back-crossed her back to Green Crack clone only. Upon making Green Crack BX seeds we crossed her once again into herself, thus creating an extremely solid representation of the Green Crack in seed from the clone only. This clone will yield very well, flower in 8 weeks 55-60 days maximum flower time. You are looking at solid skunky with a citrus undertone with a very Indica-style growth pattern with a very dominant Sativa look.
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