Alpine Strawberry

Alpine Strawberry
Alpine Strawberry (Strawberry Banana x Strawberry OG rvrsd) Flower Time will be 69-74 days
Alpine Strawberry Introducing the Alpine Strawberry Queen! She's the fruity delight you've been waiting for, blending the luscious essence of bananas with the sweetness of berries, all wrapped in an earthy hash undertone! Get ready for a taste extravaganza that will leave your palate in awe, as the Alpine Strawberry Queen bestows you with her long-lasting, delectable flavor! Every puff will transport you to a tropical paradise, where banana and berry dance in harmony, leaving you craving for more! The countdown begins, and in just 69-74 days, this royal beauty will unveil her bountiful blossoms, enchanting you with her captivating fragrance and mouthwatering taste! Let's embark on this Alpine Strawberry adventure together, as we celebrate the joy of growing and savoring this delightful strain! #Alpinestrawberryqueen #TropicalTreat #FlavorfulFusion #CannabisAdventure All Feminized Seed packs contain 6 seeds
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