(Gelato 33 X Gelato 45)

Yield 250-300 gpsm

Flower Time 64-68 days

Get ready to experience the pinnacle of cookie goodness with Gelato Dream – a strain that combines the greatness of Gelato 33 and Gelato 45 to create an absolute masterpiece. This modern marvel is like a symphony of flavors, where the rich notes of minty sweet chocolate and earthy lavender unite to create an unforgettable taste experience. Prepare to cultivate a plant that's not only generous in yield but also bursts forth with loud and pungent aromas! Growing Gelato Dream is like embarking on a journey to uncover the secrets of the cookie world. Imagine a plant that merges the strengths of Gelato 33 and Gelato 45, resulting in a larger yielding beauty that stands as a testament to the blending of legends. It's like the plant is a canvas where the finest traits of both parents are beautifully displayed, promising a yield that's nothing short of impressive. And when it comes to the fragrance, Gelato Dream is like a symphony of scents that demand attention – a symphony that's so loud and intoxicating that filters become an absolute necessity. It's as if the plant is saying, "Embrace the pungent aromas, for they are the essence of this extraordinary strain." The growth journey of Gelato Dream is dynamic – from its squat and fast growth to the stretch during flowering that allows for an unexpectedly bigger yield. It's like the plant knows how to surprise you with its growth patterns, ensuring that you'll have ample rewards to reap. And speaking of rewards, the flavor is an opulent blend of minty sweet chocolate and earthy sweet lavender undertones. It's like your taste buds are dancing to a melody of flavors, leaving your palate coated in a symphony of sensations. The post-enjoyment fragrance lingers in the air, creating an intoxicating ambiance that leaves you craving more. And as you might have guessed, Gelato Dream is destined to become a favorite among extract artists – its pungent terpene profile promises to infuse extracts with a rich and vibrant character that's truly exceptional. So, fellow cultivator of dreams, get ready to welcome Gelato Dream into your garden. Cultivate her with care, watch her flourish, and indulge in the journey that's all about merging legends, embracing bold flavors, and creating extracts that tell tales of botanical excellence. Your garden is about to become a haven of cookie perfection and aromatic wonders that'll leave you in awe of the beauty that nature can create! #GelatoDreamMagic #CookieExcellence #AromaticWonders All Feminized Seed packs contain 6 seeds
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