Q: What is the biggest yield for outdoor/indoor?    

A: Both INdoor and OUTdoor Deadhead, 818headband, Boss Hogg


Q: What is the easiest to grow?      

A: Boss Hogg, Chem 4 og, Larry og kush


Q: Most resilient strain?      

A: Almost all are prone to pm 


Q: Highest thc strains? And %?    

A: SFV , Larry, Tahoe, Deahead are above 24% majority of our line is above 20%


Q: Highest cbd strains? And %?    

A: CBD OG 12% CBD, Pre98 BUbba 12-14% CBD, Jedi Kush 8% CBD, Deadhead og 8% CBD


Q: Best strain to find a mom?  

A: DeadHead ,818Head band, Tahoe, Larry, Grape Kush, Pre98 bubba, LA Affie


Q: What is the "newest" strain?    

A: Grape OG, Grape Kush, Black Kush, Jupiter OG


Q: Most popular strain(s)?      

A: Tahoe , Larry , 818headband, Girl scout cookies, Deadhead


Q: Signature strain(s)?        

A: Tahoe, Larry, Deadhead, 818Headband


Q: Which is better, fems or regs, why?      

A: Depends on preference and time..If you want to breed male female seeds are better. If you want to grow crops fast, feminized is the way to go..


Q: Why are seeds better/different from clones?    

A: Seeds are better because there are no preexisting issues ie; bugs, and or mold


Q: What are good lights to use, led?        

A: HID or LEDs work great the Gavitas work amazing. What you can yourself can cool the best.. 


Q: When should I start my seeds for outdoors?      

A:  Outdoor crop essentially get started in jan-feb to get the plants to optimal height for outside vegging.


Q: How should I start (germinate) my seeds?    

A: A cup of water toss seeds in until a tape root is formed then plant into your me


Q: Which strain is more susceptible to mold?      

A: Our larger yielding strains due to their larger kola structure. Deadhead, 818headband, Boss Hogg, Sfv, Larry OG


Q: Why do fems hermie more than regs?    

A: They hermie due to the chemical reversal, adding the extra X in order to create a most female laden seed...opposed to a true breeding male.